Burning Love

Have you ever cooked a bologna sandwich?  I haven't in years, but if you're from the south, most likely you have. The most important part is to make sure you cut four slits equal distance around the slice before you put it in the pan. Otherwise it will puff up in the middle usually burning around the edges while the center is up gasping for air before it begins to sweat. Yes, bologna seems to sweat. I remember eating mine with mustard on white bread. I run across bologna sandwiches on menus from time to time. (Check out The Cozy Corner in Memphis. Don't forget to order the banana pudding.)

According to James Cannon who grew up and played music with Elvis Presley at the Lauderdale Courts, bologna sandwiches and Cokes were served to the musician kids from Mrs. Black's apartment kitchen. Mrs. Black was Bill Black's mother. Bill eventually played bass on the Sun records with Elvis. As story goes, James, Bill, Elvis and a handful of other kids at the Courts played and practiced the songs they heard on the radio pretty much everyday. And it was Mrs. Black who encouraged and supported them. The teens mostly stayed out of trouble because they had a mission, a pick and somebody's guitar. Sometimes the boys would learn new guitar licks (and vice versa) from young Riley King later known as B.B. 

If you're interested in the early life of Elvis, check out this short film I helped produce with Robert Gordon and many talented Memphis filmmakers, musicians and producers. Thanks to Sony Legacy, all the Elvis Sun recordings are available in one beautifully mastered and assembled box set. This isn't a promo by the way, this is a fact. I just happened to work on it.  

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