Soap Box Full of Debt

Did you know that perfectly formed beings are born everyday?  Flawed, unflawed, struggling, breathing, living, seeking... everyday. I'm also talking about work, what you do and create (which can include human form).  If in life you're able to create what is good for your soul, it's like the lottery.  If not, it's like prison.  Zen masters might find peace in prison but for normal folk out there, it can be drudgery. When I'm not contributing to work I love to do, I'm not happy.  What about you?

I'm the mom of two creative and bright daughters (of course I am!  Ask any mom if their kids are creative and bright.)  One is in college, one is college bound.  I've tried to prepare them for the realities of today's college system.

A. College tuition is highway robbery.

B. Competing for scholarship and financial aid is childhood robbery. 

C. Taking out massive student loans sets you up for a sort of spiritual prison, aka, my point in the first paragraph (AND, isn't it ironic our children go to spiritual prison for robberies committed by someone else.)  

You've heard this story before.  I'm not adding anything new.  But it's worth saying again:  how many students graduate from college with debt? How many of those take uninspiring jobs to pay back that debt?  How many consequently get solid training in work they really don't want to do that sets them up to continue in good paying, unfulfilling jobs?  As Sonny once sang, "And the beat goes on, la dee da dee da...."  While I know it's not always the case, there are many, many stories like this.

I don't know what the answer is beside reform and regulation.  I'm also not suggesting we push our kids to consider tripping daisies but I do believe we'd be a happier lot if we're able to find some satisfaction in what we do in life.   There are many things that need reform in our inflated economic system.  The current administration, like it or not, has opened our eyes to a lot of it.  

Enjoy some Sonny and Cher.  As you were.