A Moment ago...

Are you scratching your head?  The Hell's Angels are teaching anti-bullying classes, half our nation isn't voting and we've decided virtual is WAY better than real.  I'm going back to what I know.  What about you?  

For Christmas, I gave small art journals to my daughters. One daughter is a computer scientist/social activist/photographer in her first year of college, the other a ballet dancer/fine artist/Bernie mascot in high school. One of them also got a photo printer (you can guess which one). My hope:  they'll record their world through words, photos and drawings. For me, these notebook musings have been an extension, a world view, a way to look at myself like a fly on the wall... When confusion creeps in, I get to rewind the tape and look back.  Sometimes that's all it takes, a glimpse back and the turbulence settles, the course corrects.  

For many of the 36 years I've kept journals, along with work to-do lists, they've been filled with grocery lists, packing & unpacking lists, what-to do-in-a-new-city lists, people-I-need-to-reach-out-to lists so-I-won't-feel-so-isolated-with-two-little-kids lists.  Poems, screenplay ideas, bits of screenplays, rantings of a bad parent, rantings of a frustrated professional, rantings about ranters. And eventually more poetry, more words about life, better parenting, kindness and sorrow.  Letters to my mother.  Letters to Congressmen, to my husband, my children.  More beauty but basically, a record of moments.


Moments are all we have.  Many of them strung together can be powerful and make rivers flow in opposite directions (literally, it took lots of moments to re-route the Chicago River.).  

Sometimes my moments are captured in video like the farewell Obama king cake delivery I strung together using my new lens (Thanks Nan and Bob). 

News flash:  Moments can fail, horribly. The failed ones hold the best information especially if I take the next moments to look at them and then the next to do them again differently.  So, cheers moments! Here's to living them, here's to documenting them!  

You got me here, head scratching and all.